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  1. Brilliant! You are very brave. There is a little information on Eugenics that Ethan from TOTT news (Australian)has on his website which may be of interest to you.

  2. You are a true hero! Thank you for your courage.

  3. Dropped In | 14/08/2016 at 3:08 AM | Reply

    In the mid-90s in Australia, an editor of I think the Gold Coast Bulletin said in print, shortly before his retirement, that he was glad to be getting out of the media. He said Australian media was controlled utterly by that stage and explained that all journalists and media generally were ‘told’ what they could say. He added that the only leeway permitted (to journalists) was permission, basically, to ‘put their own slant’ on whatever they were reporting which would give the impression of journalistic freedom. I read it then and have always remembered it. And of course he was correct as we see now, where virtually all ‘the news’ is identical and clearly is dictated from the US, right down to US spelling and terminology. Very recently, there was a brief news item revealing that Murdoch had, for the sum of ninety something million or billion, bought the last remaining independent media in Australia. Yet it seems Americans in particular believe Australia is an innocent wonderland. Even the Americans in the Conscious Consumer Network video discussion with Steve appear to have bought into that fiction with their repeated suggestion an ‘honest Australian journalist’ would grab Steve’s story and basically alert the Australian nation. Yet they KNOW how the MKULTRA network and monopolistic media operate! So it seems that even those at the forefront of this remain sucked-into the myth of ‘Australia’s untouched by the corrupt plague which is intent on destroying the world’. Don’t they realise people are murdered and silenced here in the same way as elsewhere? They SHOULD know, based on their research alone. Journalists in Australia these days, according to those who know, have been reduced to contracts and commission work. And only those journalists who’re ‘in the club’ through proven preparedness to serve their masters or through tribal affiliations, are lucky enough to have full time work. And they know it and anyone in the media wishing to pay off their mortgage and have the opportunity of future employment will dance to their employers’ tune, obviously. We all have to live, after all. So the rot continues. And as print and televised media are dying fast, the rot has of course spread now to social media which is being used not only to silence independent thinkers but also to sell product and of course, mind control using gang tactics and multiple IDs to bolster their false claims and disinfo. Not to mention the draconian curbs on Australians’ freedom of speech. So it’s the same game now online where ‘agents’ major and minor are engaged as always in thought and speech (AND opinion) policing — or, as an organized system advertised in the UK as long ago as the early 2000s — ‘the forming and shaping of opinion’. I forget what that organization called itself, but it was headed by a woman by the name of Hobshawm from memory, in partnership with Gordon Brown’s spouse, this latter info being revealed quite a bit at the time in UK alternative sites. So yes, ‘they’ have traditional media and online discussion well and truly covered and have had for well over a decade. And those who go online are of course monitored via Brandis’ meta data and a score of affiliated snoops

  4. Dropped In | 14/08/2016 at 5:03 AM | Reply

    Re: radiation through Maralinga tests etc. as mentioned in the above video, it was Neville Shute who wrote ‘On the Beach’, which was made into a film. Both film and book were highly popular then. However, what those in the video discussion above appear not to be aware of is the fact that the entire atom-bomb (Hiroshima) story is being solidly debunked and has been for at least ten or so years to my knowledge, and much longer as it turns out. For example: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-06/atom-bomb-anniversary-youre-being-lied-about-hiroshima-and-much-more

    and: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/ny-times-hiroshima-mushroom-cloud-actually-smoke-from-raging-firestorm/

    There are some VERY informative and interesting links in the first url above, which in turn lead to others and I recommend them

    Why would anyone lie about Hiroshima and the A-bomb, people would ask. After all, we’ve all be thoroughly conditioned to believe it and to fear ‘nuclear war’. We don’t question what we’ve been told or what has been shown repeatedly in media and film, books, documentaries, etc., regarding Hiroshima, A-bombs,etc.

    But if you approach the issue with an open mind and read alternative theories, you begin to see how the threats and warnings in the media and elsewhere about ‘nuclear war’ figure in international and local politics. We’ve been programmed to believe that all nations have weapons capable of ending all life on earth, so naturally we fear that and trust our politicians and government to ‘save us’ from such a prospect. It was the same in the 50s, 60s, 70s, same today — the nuclear holocaust boogey-man

    Then imagine the FUNDING involved in the nuclear game — unimaginable. And conveniently, ‘top secret’. Trillions syphoned from a fearful public worldwide. We’re programmed to believe in and fear nuclear submarines, nuclear stockpiles, suicase nukes, unstable nations’ possession of nukes and of course, Israel’s Sampson Option nuclear whip hand where they threaten to annihilate all of us if challenged

    Just imagine if the entire nuclear-threat were all fiction. And just imagine if world populations found out about the fiction. Would mean no more engineered wars for profit, no more people joining the military, prepared to kill and be killed in those orchestrated wars, massive reduction in defence budgets and spending, out-of-work lobbyists, contractors, etc.

    So, I very much recommend that the many links provided in the first article above be explored. Save the entire thing if you can and work from there, because the site is being disrupted to make concentration difficult. The links lead down a series of rabbit-holes to the point most thinking individuals would begin to join the dots in the overall disinformation and programming networks going back to at least WW2 — and beyond for those so inclined. Those who invest even cursory investigation will remember their family’s war-stories and how their family members had died and been mutilated — not for any noble cause, unfortunately, but merely as tiny cogs in the ongoing war-industry by a powerful minority against the world’s people

    Hiroshima was fire-bombed extensively, it’s now claimed.

    YouTuber ‘Rerevistionst’ has a lot of information on the subject:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHjohmgOh2M. He’s well versed on the topic. Other videos appear to have stolen a lot of his information

    And this should be of passing interest also:’On Dec. 7, 1964, the Japanese government conferred the First Order of Merit with the Grand Cordon of the Rising Sun upon Gen. Curtis LeMay โ€” yes, the same general who, less than 20 years earlier, had incinerated โ€œwell over half a million Japanese civilians, perhaps nearly a million.โ€

    Although now moth-balled, this site is filled with information about Hiroshima, nuke lies generally:

    and to the right you can click on the Big Lies site — huge

    Also this: ‘Bikini Atoll Nuke Tests Were Faked’ by Miles Mathis who, I believe, is a mathmetician. Interesting photos: http://mileswmathis.com/bikini.pdf

    All of which of course leads to nuclear power facilities which have cost and still do, trillions of dollars from unsuspecting taxpayers’ pockets worldwide. Some years ago, I read how the Philippines (I think) had basically been coerced into borrowing untold monies for the construction of a nuclear power facility — which just happened to have been constructed on a dormant volcano. Unusable of course, but the Philippines is still required to pay millions per month to the lenders

    Here’s another video on the nuclear issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvpYe2LwklQ

    Many more shown in the YouTube sidebar. Seems people are catching on

    Rerevisionist is my main source of information at the moment. I’m late to the party, having been programmed long ago to accept the A-bomb story by my parents who also believed it absolutely. But undoubtedly there’s a lot more to be learned and I encourage people to do so as an antidote to the fear-porn to which we’ve been unceasingly exposed

    As always, please read the comments in all the above links because as here, people often contribute useful information which greatly contributes to the original article or video

    Best regards ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Was eugenics performed on Australian orphans in the 60s in Qld?.EG. Electric Shock treatments, drug experiements and Lobotomies as was done to the Dupplessis Orphans Quebec

  6. Still done today! Wacko parents want to turn their kids into geniuses/surgeons etc. by deepening their neural pathways via ECT

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